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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

(Generated on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017)

On November 1, 2017, Yahoo! Finance disabled their free daily stock market data API.

Since Traderific relied on this API in order to generate our daily signals, we have been put in the unfortunate situation where we can no longer provide free daily stock market signals.

Furthermore, the archive of daily signals is no longer online, and other aspects of the site may no longer be functioning, as well.

We want to thank all the people who used and enjoyed Traderific over the years, and we wish you the best in your future investing endeavours.

What do these signals mean?

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What is Traderific?

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What is Traderific?

Traderific is an automated daily stock market signal generator. We use a variety of market indicators to analyze the performance of various stocks, and determine which trades to make.

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing! Our daily stock tips are free!

That's right, 100% FREE!

But why is it free?! Find out here.

Will I Make Money?

With an average yearly return of over 22%*, we think our method is a winner! But do your research. Check out our performance history, and judge for yourself.

*Based on historical simulations. Traderific cannot be held responsible for losses incurred.

How Does It Work?

At the end of every trading day, we analyze the day's market activity, and generate new signals for use on the next trading day, giving you time to decide which signals to use.

What About Risk?

With a diversified portfolio of stocks, and trading techniques that limit time in the market, Traderific helps to preserve working capital while growing revenue and minimizing risk*.

*No trading method is risk-free. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

What Are the Signals?

We use four signals: BUY, SELL, SHORT, and COVER, to be placed on the next trading day. The optimized Target and Stop instructions allow you to automatically take profits, and stop losses.

Do I Need to Use Every Signal?

You don't have to use every signal, but our system is designed to spread the risk across a variety of stocks, so the more signals you follow, the better chance you will have of better annual returns.

Do I Need to Watch the Market?

Nope! Simply use the Target and Stop instructions when placing a trade, and you will automatically exit the market when your profit target is reached, or if the stock falls too low. It's that easy!

How do I Use These Signals?

Just call your broker, or plug them into your online trading system. It's that easy. And soon we'll be making it even easier...

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More Questions?

If you've got more questions about Traderific, how to use the signals, what they mean, or anything else about the site, please let us know!

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Disclaimer on Trading

While we strongly believe in the quality of the signals generated by our method, we cannot guarantee that they will lead to successful trades. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success. By using these signals you agree to take all responsibility for your own actions, and relieve Traderific of any liability for losses incurred while trading stocks.

Traderific Copyright

The signals generated by Traderific are free to use for personal investing use, and may be shared on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, so long as proper credit is attributed. Copying or reposting these signals to other sites without authorization, especially for commercial purposes, is prohibited. If you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us.